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Nxt: Distress to Bliss – the development of decentralized cryptocurrency (Nxt lecture for the Bitcoin meetup in Prague)

What happens when an anonymous creator of a cryptocurrency disappears immediately after the release of the coin? It allows a development of more colorful community, in which everyone is equal. What are the advantages of the Nxter community, which started completely spontaneously, without any bosses? Meanwhile anarchy can lead to a quandary, Nxters are more […]


Nxt Academy

love the video. watched it all and will watch the second half again after the subtitles are finished.
you guys are both excellent speakers!

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I really like this initiative. :)


This is an awesome project!  Kudos to you, sir!  I don’t have any NXT contribute, but I’d be happy to send you 8 mgwBTCD that you can do with as you like.